Hsu Ji, behind the screen


Thomas Rio




24 min.

Once again, Hsu Ji, 6, has forgotten that when the police is parked in front of her school, she must meet her father elsewhere…No more school for her! Their old landlady will teach her… to sew on a machine in the attic. Alone, Hsu Ji staves off her boredom by watching an old slapstick movie until the film’s three protagonists end up in the real world… They have so much in common with Hsu Ji: for starters, they don’t have their papers either…

      Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

      Best Short Film

      International Film Awards Berlin

      Best Narrative Short Award

      Kingdom Film Festival

      Best Animation

      Rhode Island International Film Festival

      Best Director

      MashRome Film Fest

      Best Fiction Film

      3D Film Festival of Grenoble

      First Prize

      Asians On Film

      Best Film
      Honorable Mention for the Cinematography Honorable Mention for Editing

      3D Stereo Media Film Festival of Liège

      Best Animation

      Souq Film Festival

      Jury Award

      Cinema Festival of Vernon

      Best Cinematography

      Be Film Festival New York

      Best 3D Short Film

      Guam International Film Festival

      Best Short Film

      3D Korea International Film Festival

      Best Short Film

      51 selections including

      Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
      International Film Festival of Aubagne
      Palm Springs International Film Festival
      Milano International Film Festival
      Rhode Island International Film Festival


      Kadelina Fang
      Longmon Wang
      Guillaume Amaro
      Sylvain Briani-Colin

      Produced by

      Easy Tiger

      In association with

      Région Lorraine
      Département des Vosges