The Road To Paradise


Houda Benyamina




42 min.


Houda Benyamina, Malik Rumeau

Leila left her native land with her two children to settle down in France. Illegal immigrant, she tries to survive by raising them in clandestinity. Between abject poverty and family joys, Leila struggles to offer her children a better life. She is looking for her husband who took refuge in England. When she finally finds track of him and has the necessary money to join him, the vice tightens.

      Sardini Film Festival

      Chamber of deputies Award

      Grand Off festival

      Best Fiction

      Short Film Festival of Villeurbane

      « Rhône-Alpes » Award

      «Un Festival C’est Trop Court» Film Festival of Nice

      Best Actress (Madjouline Idrissi, Sanna Marouk and Mounir Margoum)

      Cordoba African Film Festival

      Best Short Films

      International Namur French Speaking Films Festival

      Jury Prize

      Bagdad International Film Festival

      First Price « Arab Women Filmakers»

      «Entre 2 Claps» Festival

      Best Film Award

      Citta di Venezia Festival

      Citta di Venezia Award

      «Image et Vie» Festival of Dakar

      EUNIC Award

      the Mediterranean Film Festival Of Tetouan

      Innovation Prize

      Milan African Films Festival

      First Prize
      CEM special Prize

      National Moroccoan Film Festival of Tanger

      Grand Prize

      Mediterranean Short Film Festival of Tangier

      Special Jury Prize

      Dubai International Film Festival.

      First Prize
      Fipresci Award

      40 selections including

      Short Film Festival of Villeurbane
      «Un Festival c'est trop court !» Film Festival of Nice
      Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
      Dubai International Film Festival
      International Namur French Speaking Films Festival
      Mostra de Venise


      Madjouline Idrissi
      Sanna Marouck
      Yanis Siraj
      Mounir Magroum

      Produced by

      Easy Tiger

      In association with

      France 2